July 23rd All Events

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July 23rd, 2007 (July 23 2007)DeathRon Miller, American songwriter and record producer (born in 1933)
July 23rd, 2007 (July 23 2007)DeathMohammed Zahir Shah, King of Afghanistan (born in 1914)
July 23rd, 2006 (July 23 2006)DeathJean-Paul Desbiens, Quebec writer and journalist (born in 1927)
July 23rd, 2005 (July 23 2005)EventThree bombs hit the Naama Bay area of Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, killing 88 people.
July 23rd, 2005 (July 23 2005)DeathTed Greene, American jazz guitarist and teacher (born in 1946)
July 23rd, 2004 (July 23 2004)DeathMehmood, Indian actor (born in 1932)
July 23rd, 2004 (July 23 2004)DeathCarlos Paredes, Portuguese musician and composer (born in 1925)
July 23rd, 2004 (July 23 2004)DeathPiero Piccioni, Italian musician, conductor and composer (born in 1921)
July 23rd, 2004 (July 23 2004)DeathSerge Reggiani, French singer and actor (born in 1922)
July 23rd, 2003 (July 23 2003)DeathJames E. Davis, New York City councilman (murdered) (born in 1962)
July 23rd, 2002 (July 23 2002)DeathLeo McKern, Australian actor (born in 1920)
July 23rd, 2002 (July 23 2002)DeathWilliam Luther Pierce, American author and activist (born in 1933)
July 23rd, 2002 (July 23 2002)DeathChaim Potok, American novelist and rabbi (born in 1929)
July 23rd, 2001 (July 23 2001)DeathEudora Welty, American author (born in 1909)
July 23rd, 1999 (July 23 1999)EventCrown Prince Mohammed Ben Al-Hassan, is crowned King Mohammed VI of Morroco at the death of his father.
July 23rd, 1999 (July 23 1999)EventANA Flight 61 is hijacked in Tokyo.
July 23rd, 1999 (July 23 1999)DeathKing Hassan II of Morocco (born in 1929)
July 23rd, 1997 (July 23 1997)EventDigital Equipment Company files antitrust charges against chipmaker Intel.
July 23rd, 1997 (July 23 1997)EventSpree killer Andrew Cunanan commits suicide in the upstairs bedroom aboard a Miami houseboat to avoid capture by the police.
July 23rd, 1997 (July 23 1997)DeathChuhei Nambu, Japanese athlete (born in 1904)
July 23rd, 1996 (July 23 1996)BirthRachel G. Fox, American actress
July 23rd, 1996 (July 23 1996)DeathAliki Vougiouklaki, Greek actress (born in 1934)
July 23rd, 1995 (July 23 1995)EventComet Hale-Bopp is discovered and is visibly seen with a naked eye nearly a year later.
July 23rd, 1993 (July 23 1993)DeathJames R. Jordan, Sr., father of Michael Jordan (born in 1936)
July 23rd, 1992 (July 23 1992)EventA Vatican commission, led by Joseph Ratzinger, establishes it is necessary to limit rights of homosexual people and non-married couples.
July 23rd, 1990 (July 23 1990)DeathKenjiro Takayanagi, Japanese development of television (born in 1899)Ken Kay Quotes
July 23rd, 1989 (July 23 1989)BirthDaniel Radcliffe, English actor
July 23rd, 1989 (July 23 1989)DeathDonald Barthelme, American author (born in 1931)
July 23rd, 1988 (July 23 1988)EventGeneral Ne Win, effective ruler of Myanmar since 1962 resigns after pro-democracy protests.
July 23rd, 1988 (July 23 1988)BirthPippa Bennett-Warner, English actress
July 23rd, 1986 (July 23 1986)EventIn London, Prince Andrew, Duke of York marries Sarah Ferguson at Westminster Abbey.
July 23rd, 1986 (July 23 1986)BirthAyaka Komatsu, Japanese model and actress
July 23rd, 1985 (July 23 1985)BirthLuis Angel Landin, Mexican footballer
July 23rd, 1985 (July 23 1985)BirthMatthew Murphy (musician),English musicianGuitar, keybord, lyrics and vocals. (The Wombats)
July 23rd, 1985 (July 23 1985)DeathJohnny Wardle, English cricketer (born in 1923)
July 23rd, 1984 (July 23 1984)EventVanessa Williams becomes the first Miss America to resign when she surrenders her crown after nude photos of her appeared in Penthouse magazine.
July 23rd, 1984 (July 23 1984)BirthBrandon Roy, American professional basketball player
July 23rd, 1983 (July 23 1983)EventAround 3,000 Tamils were slaughtered by Shinhalese Buddhist majority in Sri Lanka and some 400,000 Tamils fled to neighboring Tamil Nadu, India and a lot found refuge in Europe and Canada. This incident, known as Black July led directly to beginning of civil war in Sri Lanka.
July 23rd, 1983 (July 23 1983)EventGimli Glider: Air Canada flight 143 lands "dead-stick" in Gimli, Manitoba.
July 23rd, 1983 (July 23 1983)BirthAndrew Eiden, American actor
July 23rd, 1983 (July 23 1983)BirthBec Hewitt, Australian actress
July 23rd, 1983 (July 23 1983)BirthAaron Peirsol, American swimmer
July 23rd, 1983 (July 23 1983)DeathGeorges Auric, French composer (born in 1899)
July 23rd, 1982 (July 23 1982)EventThe International Whaling Commission decides to end commercial whaling by 1985-86.
July 23rd, 1982 (July 23 1982)BirthGerald Wallace, American basketball player
July 23rd, 1982 (July 23 1982)DeathVic Morrow, American actor (born in 1929)
July 23rd, 1981 (July 23 1981)BirthSteve Jocz, Canadian drummer (Sum 41)
July 23rd, 1981 (July 23 1981)BirthJarkko Nieminen, Finnish tennis player
July 23rd, 1980 (July 23 1980)BirthMichelle Williams, American singer (Destiny s Child)
July 23rd, 1980 (July 23 1980)DeathMollie Steimer, anarchist agitator and American political prisoner (born in 1897)
July 23rd, 1980 (July 23 1980)DeathSarto Fournier, Mayor of Montreal (born in 1908)
July 23rd, 1980 (July 23 1980)DeathKeith Godchaux, American pianist (Grateful Dead) (born in 1948)
July 23rd, 1979 (July 23 1979)BirthRicardo Sperafico, Brazilian racing driver
July 23rd, 1979 (July 23 1979)DeathJoseph Kessel, French journalist and novelist (born in 1898)
July 23rd, 1978 (July 23 1978)BirthStuart Elliott, Northern Irish footballer
July 23rd, 1978 (July 23 1978)BirthStefanie Sun, Singaporean singer
July 23rd, 1977 (July 23 1977)BirthNeicer Reasco, Ecuadorian footballer
July 23rd, 1977 (July 23 1977)BirthScott Clemmensen, American ice hockey player
July 23rd, 1976 (July 23 1976)BirthJudit Polgar, Hungarian chess player
July 23rd, 1976 (July 23 1976)BirthJonathan Gallant, Canadian musician (Billy Talent)
July 23rd, 1975 (July 23 1975)BirthSeong Hyeon-ah, South Korean actress
July 23rd, 1975 (July 23 1975)BirthSurya Sivakumar, Tamil actor
July 23rd, 1974 (July 23 1974)BirthTerry Glenn, American football player
July 23rd, 1974 (July 23 1974)BirthMaurice Greene, American athlete
July 23rd, 1974 (July 23 1974)BirthStephanie March, American actress
July 23rd, 1974 (July 23 1974)BirthSonny Siaki, Samoan-born professional wrestler
July 23rd, 1974 (July 23 1974)BirthRik Verbrugghe, Belgian cyclist
July 23rd, 1974 (July 23 1974)BirthKathryn Hahn, American actress
July 23rd, 1973 (July 23 1973)BirthNomar Garciaparra, American baseball player
July 23rd, 1973 (July 23 1973)BirthOmar Epps, American actor
July 23rd, 1973 (July 23 1973)BirthFrancis Healy, Scottish rock musician (Travis)
July 23rd, 1973 (July 23 1973)BirthMonica Lewinsky, American White House intern
July 23rd, 1972 (July 23 1972)EventThe United States launches Landsat 1, first Earth-resources satellite.
July 23rd, 1972 (July 23 1972)BirthMarlon Wayans, American actor
July 23rd, 1971 (July 23 1971)BirthDalvin DeGrate, American singer
July 23rd, 1971 (July 23 1971)BirthAlison Krauss, American singer and fiddler
July 23rd, 1971 (July 23 1971)BirthChris Michalek, American musician
July 23rd, 1971 (July 23 1971)BirthChristopher Lee, Singaporean actor and model
July 23rd, 1971 (July 23 1971)DeathVan Heflin, American actor (born in 1910)
July 23rd, 1970 (July 23 1970)EventQaboos ibn Sa id, becomes Sultan of Oman after overthrowing his father, Sa id ibn Taimur.
July 23rd, 1970 (July 23 1970)BirthCharisma Carpenter, American actress
July 23rd, 1970 (July 23 1970)BirthThea Dorn, German writer
July 23rd, 1968 (July 23 1968)EventGlenville Shootout: In Cleveland, Ohio, a violent shootout between a Black Militant organization led by Ahmed Evans and the Cleveland Police Department occurredied in During the shootout, a riot began that lasted for five days. Evans Quotes
July 23rd, 1968 (July 23 1968)EventThe first and only successful hijacking of an El Al aircraft took place when a 707 carrying 10 crew and 38 passengers was taken over by three members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). The aircraft was en route from Rome, Italy, to Lod, Israel.
July 23rd, 1968 (July 23 1968)BirthNick Menza, American musician, drummer
July 23rd, 1968 (July 23 1968)BirthGary Payton, American basketball player
July 23rd, 1968 (July 23 1968)BirthStephanie Seymour, American supermodel
July 23rd, 1968 (July 23 1968)DeathHenry Hallett Dale, English scientist, Nobel Prize laureate (born in 1875)
July 23rd, 1967 (July 23 1967)Event12th Street Riot: In Detroit, Michigan, one of the worst riots in United States history begins on 12th Street in the predominantly African American inner city (43 killed, 342 injured and ~1,400 buildings burned).
July 23rd, 1967 (July 23 1967)BirthPhilip Seymour Hoffman, American actor
July 23rd, 1966 (July 23 1966)BirthSamantha Beckinsale, English actress
July 23rd, 1966 (July 23 1966)DeathMontgomery Clift, American actor (born in 1920)
July 23rd, 1965 (July 23 1965)BirthRob Dickinson, English musician
July 23rd, 1965 (July 23 1965)BirthSlash, English guitarist (ex-Guns N Roses)
July 23rd, 1964 (July 23 1964)BirthEd Forchion, American marijuana activist
July 23rd, 1962 (July 23 1962)EventTelstar relays the first live trans-Atlantic television signal.
July 23rd, 1962 (July 23 1962)EventThe International Agreement on the Neutrality of Laos was signed.
July 23rd, 1962 (July 23 1962)BirthEriq La Salle, American actor
July 23rd, 1961 (July 23 1961)EventSandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) founded in Nicaragua.
July 23rd, 1961 (July 23 1961)BirthMartin Gore, English musician and songwriter (Depeche Mode)
July 23rd, 1961 (July 23 1961)BirthWoody Harrelson, American actor
July 23rd, 1961 (July 23 1961)BirthAndre Ducharme, Quebec humorist (Rock et Belles Oreilles) and author
July 23rd, 1957 (July 23 1957)BirthTheo van Gogh, Dutch film director (died in 2004)
July 23rd, 1957 (July 23 1957)BirthNick Galis, Greek basketball player
July 23rd, 1956 (July 23 1956)EventThe Loi Cadre is passed by the French Republic in order to order French overseas territory affairs.
July 23rd, 1955 (July 23 1955)DeathCordell Hull, 47th United States Secretary of State, Nobel Prize laureate (born in 1871)Cordell Hull Quotes
July 23rd, 1953 (July 23 1953)BirthGraham Gooch, English cricketer
July 23rd, 1952 (July 23 1952)EventEstablishment of the European Coal and Steel community.
July 23rd, 1952 (July 23 1952)EventGeneral Muhammad Naguib leads the Free Officers Movement (formed by Gamal Abdel Nasserthe real power behind the coup) in the overthrow of King Farouk of Egypt.
July 23rd, 1952 (July 23 1952)BirthBill Nyrop, American ice hockey player (died in 1995)
July 23rd, 1951 (July 23 1951)BirthEdie McClurg, American actress
July 23rd, 1951 (July 23 1951)DeathHenri Philippe Petain, leader of Vichy France (born in 1856)
July 23rd, 1951 (July 23 1951)DeathRobert J. Flaherty, American filmmaker (born in 1884)
July 23rd, 1950 (July 23 1950)BirthAlex Kozinski, Romanian-born American judgeAlex Kozinski Quotes
July 23rd, 1950 (July 23 1950)BirthBlair Thornton, Canadian guitarist (Bachman-Turner Overdrive)
July 23rd, 1948 (July 23 1948)BirthJohn Cushnahan, Northern Irish politician
July 23rd, 1948 (July 23 1948)BirthJohn Hall, American politician and former rock musician
July 23rd, 1948 (July 23 1948)DeathD. W. Griffith, American film director (born in 1875)
July 23rd, 1947 (July 23 1947)BirthGardner Dozois, American author
July 23rd, 1947 (July 23 1947)BirthDavid Essex, English singer
July 23rd, 1945 (July 23 1945)EventThe process against Philippe Petain begins.
July 23rd, 1943 (July 23 1943)BirthDr. Randall Forsberg, American nuclear freeze advocate (died in 2007)
July 23rd, 1943 (July 23 1943)BirthTony Joe White, American singer and songwriter
July 23rd, 1942 (July 23 1942)EventThe Holocaust: The Treblinka extermination camp is opened
July 23rd, 1942 (July 23 1942)EventWorld War II: Hitler signs the Operation Edelweiss.
July 23rd, 1942 (July 23 1942)BirthMyra Hindley, English murderer (died in 2002)
July 23rd, 1942 (July 23 1942)BirthSallyanne Atkinson, Australian politician
July 23rd, 1942 (July 23 1942)DeathAdam Czerniakow, Polish engineer (suicide) (born in 1880)
July 23rd, 1941 (July 23 1941)BirthRichie Evans, 9 time NASCAR Modified Champion (died at Martinsville in 1985) Evans Quotes
July 23rd, 1940 (July 23 1940)EventUS Under Secretary of State Sumner Welles`s declaration on the US non-recognition policy of the Soviet annexation and incorporation of three Baltic StatesEstonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
July 23rd, 1940 (July 23 1940)BirthDon Imus, American talk radio host
July 23rd, 1938 (July 23 1938)BirthJuliet Anderson, American pornographic actress
July 23rd, 1938 (July 23 1938)BirthRonny Cox, American actor
July 23rd, 1938 (July 23 1938)BirthGotz George, German actor
July 23rd, 1938 (July 23 1938)BirthCharles Harrelson, American convicted murderer; father of Woody Harrelson (died in 2007)
July 23rd, 1938 (July 23 1938)BirthBert Newton, Australian actor and television show host
July 23rd, 1937 (July 23 1937)BirthDave Webster, Led his football team to a National Championship in 1958
July 23rd, 1936 (July 23 1936)EventIn Catalonia, Spain, the Unified Socialist Party of Catalonia is founded through the merger of socialist and communist parties.
July 23rd, 1936 (July 23 1936)BirthShiv Kumar Batalvi, Punjabi revolutionary (died in 1973)
July 23rd, 1936 (July 23 1936)BirthDon Drysdale, American baseball player (died in 1993)
July 23rd, 1936 (July 23 1936)BirthAnthony Kennedy, U.S. Supreme Court JusticeAnthony Kennedy Quotes
July 23rd, 1935 (July 23 1935)BirthJim Hall, American race car driver and constructor (Chaparral Cars)
July 23rd, 1935 (July 23 1935)BirthHein Heinsen, Danish artist
July 23rd, 1933 (July 23 1933)BirthBert Convy, American game show host and performer (died in 1991)
July 23rd, 1932 (July 23 1932)DeathTenby Davies, Welsh half-mile world champion runner (born in 1884)
July 23rd, 1931 (July 23 1931)BirthTe Atairangi Kaahu, Maori Queen (died in 2006)
July 23rd, 1931 (July 23 1931)BirthGuy Fournier, French Canadian author and screenwriter
July 23rd, 1931 (July 23 1931)BirthClaude Fournier, French Canadian film director and screenwriter
July 23rd, 1930 (July 23 1930)DeathGlenn Curtiss, American aviation pioneer (born in 1878)
July 23rd, 1929 (July 23 1929)EventFascist government in Italy bans the use of foreign words.
July 23rd, 1928 (July 23 1928)BirthHubert Selby Jr., American author (died in 2004)
July 23rd, 1927 (July 23 1927)BirthGerard Brach, French film director and screenwriter (died in 2006)
July 23rd, 1926 (July 23 1926)EventFox Film buys the patents of the Movietone sound system for recording sound onto film.
July 23rd, 1924 (July 23 1924)BirthGavin Lambert, British-born screenwriter (died in 2005)
July 23rd, 1924 (July 23 1924)DeathFrank Frost Abbott, American classical scholar (born in 1850)
July 23rd, 1923 (July 23 1923)BirthLuis Aloma, Cuban baseball player (died in 1997)
July 23rd, 1923 (July 23 1923)BirthCyril M. Kornbluth, American writer (died in 1958)
July 23rd, 1923 (July 23 1923)BirthAmalia Mendoza, Mexican singer (died in 2001)
July 23rd, 1923 (July 23 1923)DeathPancho Villa, Mexican revolutionary (born in 1878)
July 23rd, 1921 (July 23 1921)BirthCalvert DeForest, American actor (died in 2007)
July 23rd, 1920 (July 23 1920)BirthAmalia Rodrigues, Portuguese fado singer (died in 1999)
July 23rd, 1920 (July 23 1920)DeathConrad Kohrs, German-born rancher (born in 1835)
July 23rd, 1918 (July 23 1918)BirthBueno de Mesquita Dutch comedian and actor (died in 2005)
July 23rd, 1918 (July 23 1918)BirthPee Wee Reese, American baseball player (died in 1999)
July 23rd, 1916 (July 23 1916)DeathSir William Ramsay, Scottish chemist, Nobel Prize laureate (born in 1852)
July 23rd, 1914 (July 23 1914)EventAustria-Hungary issues an ultimatum to Serbia allowing the Austrians to find out who killed Archduke Franz Ferdinandied in When Serbia denies Austria-Hungary their demands World War I is sparked on July 28, 1914
July 23rd, 1913 (July 23 1913)BirthMichael Foot, English politician
July 23rd, 1912 (July 23 1912)BirthMichael Wilding, English actor (died in 1979)
July 23rd, 1906 (July 23 1906)BirthVladimir Prelog, Croatian chemist, Nobel Prize laureate (died in 1998)
July 23rd, 1906 (July 23 1906)BirthChandrasekhar Azad, Indian revolutionary (died in 1931)
July 23rd, 1903 (July 23 1903)EventFord Motor Company sells its first car.
July 23rd, 1901 (July 23 1901)BirthHank Worden, American actor and rodeo cowboy (died in 1992)
July 23rd, 1899 (July 23 1899)BirthGustav Heinemann, 3rd President of the Federal Republic of Germany (died in 1976)
July 23rd, 1898 (July 23 1898)BirthJacob Marschak, American economist (died in 1977)
July 23rd, 1898 (July 23 1898)BirthRed Dutton, Canadian ice hockey player (died in 1987)
July 23rd, 1895 (July 23 1895)BirthAileen Pringle, American actress (died in 1989)
July 23rd, 1894 (July 23 1894)BirthArthur Treacher, English character actor (died in 1975)
July 23rd, 1892 (July 23 1892)BirthHaile Selassie, Emperor of Ethiopia (died in 1975)
July 23rd, 1888 (July 23 1888)BirthRaymond Chandler, American-born author (died in 1959)Raymond Chandler Quotes
July 23rd, 1886 (July 23 1886)BirthSalvador de Madariaga, Spanish League of Nations official (died in 1978)
July 23rd, 1886 (July 23 1886)BirthWalter H. Schottky, German physicist (died in 1976)
July 23rd, 1885 (July 23 1885)DeathUlysses S. Grant, 18th President of the United States (born in 1822)Ulysses S. Grant Quotes
July 23rd, 1884 (July 23 1884)BirthEmil Jannings, Swiss actor (died in 1950)
July 23rd, 1881 (July 23 1881)EventThe Federation Internationale de Gymnastique, the world s oldest international sport federation, is founded.
July 23rd, 1878 (July 23 1878)DeathCarl Freiherr von Rokitansky, Bohemian physician (born in 1804)
July 23rd, 1875 (July 23 1875)DeathIsaac Singer, American inventor and entrepreneur (born in 1811)
July 23rd, 1874 (July 23 1874)EventAires de Ornelas e Vasconcelos is appointed the Archbishop of the Portuguese colonial enclave of Goa.
July 23rd, 1865 (July 23 1865)BirthMax Heindel, Danish Christian occultist, astrologer, and mystic (died in 1919)Max Heindel Quotes
July 23rd, 1864 (July 23 1864)BirthApolinario Mabini, Filipino political theoretician and Prime Minister (died in 1903)
July 23rd, 1862 (July 23 1862)EventAmerican Civil War: Henry W. Halleck takes command of the Union Army.
July 23rd, 1856 (July 23 1856)BirthLokmanya Tilak, Indian freedom fighter (died in 1920)
July 23rd, 1853 (July 23 1853)DeathAndries Pretorius, Boer leader (born in 1798)
July 23rd, 1840 (July 23 1840)EventThe Province of Canada is created by the Act of Union.
July 23rd, 1838 (July 23 1838)BirthEdouard Judas Colonne, French violinist (died in 1910)
July 23rd, 1833 (July 23 1833)EventCornerstones laid for construction of the Kirtland Temple in Ohio.
July 23rd, 1829 (July 23 1829)EventIn the United States, William Austin Burt patents the Typographer, a precursor to the typewriter.
July 23rd, 1823 (July 23 1823)BirthAlexandre-Antonin Tache, Canadian Catholic priest and archbishop (died in 1894)
July 23rd, 1796 (July 23 1796)BirthFranz Berwald, Swedish composer (died in 1868)
July 23rd, 1793 (July 23 1793)EventThe Prussians conquer Mayence.
July 23rd, 1793 (July 23 1793)DeathRoger Sherman, American signer of the Declaration of Independence (born in 1721)
July 23rd, 1781 (July 23 1781)DeathJohn Joachim Zubly, Swiss-born Continental Congressman (born in 1724)
July 23rd, 1777 (July 23 1777)BirthPhilipp Otto Runge, German painter (died in 1810)
July 23rd, 1775 (July 23 1775)BirthEtienne-Louis Malus, French physicist and mathematician (died in 1812)
July 23rd, 1773 (July 23 1773)DeathGeorge Edwards, English naturalist (born in 1693)
July 23rd, 1764 (July 23 1764)DeathGilbert Tennent, Irish-born religious leader (born in 1703)
July 23rd, 1757 (July 23 1757)DeathDomenico Scarlatti, Italian composer (born in 1685)
July 23rd, 1727 (July 23 1727)DeathSimon Harcourt, 1st Viscount Harcourt, Lord Chancellor of Great Britain
July 23rd, 1705 (July 23 1705)BirthFrancis Blomefield, English topographer (died in 1752)
July 23rd, 1692 (July 23 1692)DeathGilles Menage, French scholar (born in 1613)
July 23rd, 1649 (July 23 1649)BirthPope Clement XI (died in 1721)
July 23rd, 1632 (July 23 1632)Event300 colonists bound for New France depart Dieppe, France.
July 23rd, 1584 (July 23 1584)DeathJohn Day, English printer (born in 1522)
July 23rd, 1531 (July 23 1531)DeathLouis de Breze, seigneur d Anet, Marshal of Normandy and husband of Diane de Poitiers
July 23rd, 1503 (July 23 1503)BirthAnna Jagello, Queen of the Romans (died in 1547)
July 23rd, 1403 (July 23 1403)DeathThomas Percy, 1st Earl of Worcester, English rebel (executed) (born in 1343)Thomas Percy Quotes
July 23rd, 1373 (July 23 1373)DeathSaint Birgitta, Swedish saint (born in 1303)
July 23rd, 1339 (July 23 1339)BirthKing Louis I of Naples (died in 1384)
July 23rd, 1301 (July 23 1301)BirthDuke Otto of Austria (died in 1339)
July 23rd, 1227 (July 23 1227)DeathQiu Chuji, Chinese Taoist (born in 1148)
July 23rd, 0645 (July 23 0645)BirthYazid I, Sixth caliph of Islam (died in 683)

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